Property management: is there an app for that?

Gone are the days when people need to fill applications just to make the authorities notice about some of the property related issues and then the time taken for the settlement was also daunting. We always thought of an alternate way for reporting and getting a response from organisations, here is the day when such an amazing way is being invented and is working flawlessly. Yes, there is an app for solving such issues.

FIXIT is an app that lets you submit your problems and issues to the organisations so that they can take care of the issues for you in a very less span of time. Through this globally available app, people can report about their problem; they can also add a description. There is also a facility of adding the location via Google Maps. Once the report is submitted, it is then sent to the concerned authorities via the FIXIT team. They also notify whether or not your problem is resolved.

The start-up company is targeting the property management field, the founders of this company are Matthew Waugh and Sebastian Jacobs. They are taking points from small mistakes and short comings that were there in the real estate mistake and then took a decision to make this app.

This free application empowers the tenants to report issues to the property managers, they said. Waugh also followed through his personal experience where his family owned property in Coogee, and the property manager wasn’t even to solve basic stuff like getting the windows fixed.

This app will, in turn, will give both the property managers and tenants power to communicate their issues with each other seamlessly.


Tips that will help you in getting the most while you plan for renovation.

The renovation is a process by which you employ some cosmetic treatment to your house without being indulging into the tedious job of demolition and reconstruction after that. Every year across Australia people find themselves in a situation where they aren’t sure, whether they should go for a renovation or not?

The topic of renovation is debatable because of people’s mindset. Some say, renovation isn’t a necessary task, but if we listen to the others who’ve earned thousands of dollars more after renovating their houses when they sold it, this all makes sense. Here are certain tips that will help you in planning a renovation for your old house.

1.    The cost of renovation mustn’t be overlooked and underestimate

Though it may sound like just a makeup work or a touch-up or even a cosmetic work but yes the materials required for renovation aren’t that cheap, and it depends on what all materials you are going for.


2.    Is the renovation necessary?

Make sure to ask yourself several times, whether this renovation is that much essential at this point? Because spending money unnecessarily will never make you happy in the long run.


3.    Make sure to set up your budget and know your limits and potential of spending.

  1. Do the leg work and get as many quotations as possible from the market and do a comparative study and then hire somebody.

5.    Have patience!

Renovation and its whole concept might sound very much easy but it is not it takes a hell lot of time to get completed with because even the smallest details needs attention.

The difference between remodelling and renovation?

Some say potato some says pohtato. Seems same? No! Similar is the case with renovation and remodelling. In the real estate terminologies, both of these terms have their meaning. The term renovation means to do the cosmetic touching up without making any changes to the underlying structure that makes the skeleton of the building or the entity.

On the other hand, remodelling includes the complete demolition and reconstruction of the building, body or structure. Demolition includes the removal or destruction of not only of the cosmetic stuff such as designs and paints but also of the core skeleton.

In simpler words if you feel that your house feels dated no matter it can be either from inside or outside, you’ll go for a renovation. Also if you want to make some changes in the tiles or re paint the walls or even maintenance and even replacement of wash basins, sinks and toilets (keeping the plumbing entities like pipes intact and untouched) you are going for a renovation. But on the other hand, if you are going to do some modifications in the piping system only and even demolish the wall to make the bathroom bigger then you are planning for remodelling.

As far as the cost part is concerned, the renovation is considered to be as cheaper as compared to remodelling. This is because of the fact that there will be less use of man power and the materials that you’ll be doing in carrying out the ‘surface work’ will be very less.

Real Estate Business: Stuff that you need to know

Just like any other business model, the real estate business is always on a roller coaster ride. The businessmen employing in the real estate business must make sure that they are patient enough to handle the profits and losses at the same time. This market can be a real jungle to manoeuvre. Many of us easily lose track without even knowing. Here are some of the important pointers that are to be kept in mind while you begin any real estate business.



One man army is said to be impressive, but it isn’t. You need to collaborate with great team members to make sure that everything runs smoothly.


Knowing your numbers

Well, while making a deal never let your emotion to come into the picture. Make sure that you are aware of your numbers and stick to them.


Be a closer, don’t just pose

They say, fake it till you make it. Well, in real estate business this turns out to be bizarre. This may tarnish your reputation. Make sure to stick to what you’ve and what you know, don’t pose much.



Follow the blueprint

Another misconception about the business model is that people think that they need to change some things and make their ways for the real estate business too. WRONG! Just follow what others did in the beginning, later on, you can experiment.


Follow the paper procedures

Make sure to deal all the stuff in writing. This will prevent you from being dragged into some legal issues.

This New Year, come to the darker rooms

Hey friends,

I am back with some renovation tips and tricks. Hope you all are doing great. So, let’s begin; the year 2016 was all about the positive attitude with the positive colours and positive perspective but I want to tell you all that the dark colours looks much better than the bright colours. I visited many friends house within this week and found that most of the houses have the light colour walls, curtains, flooring and everything. I didn’t like that at all as everything being light-light doesn’t give a very sharp impression.

If you are a potential person, then you must know that the dark colours have a significant role in beautifying the look of the master bedrooms. As we all know that the master bedrooms are the private ones and one rejoices their private moments in that. So, making it look more appealing, just go for trying out the darker colours as they will enhance the look of the master bedroom.

I don’t suggest the darker colours in the hall because there you require enough amount of light in the evening time and the darker colours will fade the look. So, this time I want to suggest you all that go for trying out the darker colours for your master bedrooms. Also, make sure that you don’t give your bathrooms the dark colour look as you do require light there. By the way, friends, Wish You All A Very Happy New Year.

Real Estate Struggle In Melbourne

If you really wish to live in Sydney the beautiful place to live a proper life, you may never ever become a homeowner, if your relationships yield to the itch.

The main reason behind this itch problem is that for a couple its takes about 8.4 years time to save up a deposit to buy a house.

Here is the findings from the Bankwest’s latest 2016 First Time Buyer Deposit Report, that headlined “Australian first time home buyers locked out of the market”.

The bank’s report actually concludes and compares the local incomes to the house prices and then it calculates that how long it would take for a couple for setting aside about 20 percent of their pre-tax incomes into the savings account to just accumulate a 20 per cent deposit.

In Sydney, the magic number, which is for a deposit is just under the $215,000, with the as usual data coming up that says that the median house price is now pushing above a million.

So, for a couple, who is on a decent income with also a disciplined savings behavior, would definitely need to stick it out, well beyond. It is not at all a good or whole lot better if you are a couple in the Melbourne, and with it you need about 6.2 years to save a house deposit of nearly $150,000.

The Bankwest’s executive general manager of retail, named Andrew Whitechurch, indeed blames the low-interest rates for locking out the first home buyers.

“We’ve seen extremely strong growth in property values in Sydney and Melbourne, while wages have grown by just 2.2 per cent nationally,” he said.

Do you want to buy a lavish penthouse? Are you in search of it? Here is one that you will make you to swing…

What is the meaning of the term ELYSIUM? Don’t know? It means a place or a state of the great happiness and all these things just lies in this penthouse.

Let me elaborate it very clearly that it is well embellished with the lush green perspective that just overlook the Pymble Golf Course and also it odes arise the feelings of peace and composedness. This penthouse in the most prestigious and higher cost Elysium complex and it is located at 105/64 Killeaton St, St Ives and it offers an absolute and blissful lifestyle that makes you say it’s the most lavish one.

When it comes to the entrance part the most striking entrance area in this designer complex is designed so well that it leads to a lift that can takes you up to the most beautiful private entrance hall with the handsome chandelier to just wish the doorway.

The whole property is in 350sq m long area and it also has two large terraces, this penthouse is well furnished and it gives the resort like facilities, which is the most impressive part of it.

Let’s not forget to address the elephant in the room the dining room, and for the entry in the dining room, it just leads you into the living area. Apart from this there is also a very separate soundproof study, home office and the music room.

So, what do you all think? Should go for it?