Offering the ‘test drive’ to your customers before they buy

Well, the title of the article might be confusing to some but when talking about the real estate business, these are some of the services that you as businesspeople can offer to your customers before they make the deal. Sure, such steps are considered less secure, and there are chances where you need to take care about some of the things such as money and the paperwork to prevent any legal cases. But trust me, it is all worth the effort.


It is just like some electronic device you bought or a car you want to buy; you can have a ‘pre-run’ or a ‘test-run’ before you invest in the thing that you want to buy. Similarly, before someone spending a lot of money, we are talking about thousands and millions here, you can give them the chance to try the place before they buys your property. Now some people might just think about, ‘What good this is going to do about the sale of my property?’


Why would this be effective?

This type of offer and offering such an opportunity will market itself, as there are a very few people who are doing it. And with ‘a few’ we mean, less than 0.1%. So, yes it not only shows the customers that they’ve hired an agent with cutting edge mind-set but also this will help them better to choose before they invest.


Published by

Marie Bolton

I work in the real estate industry, invest in property's and have an interest in home renovation.

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