Property management: is there an app for that?

Gone are the days when people need to fill applications just to make the authorities notice about some of the property related issues and then the time taken for the settlement was also daunting. We always thought of an alternate way for reporting and getting a response from organisations, here is the day when such an amazing way is being invented and is working flawlessly. Yes, there is an app for solving such issues.

FIXIT is an app that lets you submit your problems and issues to the organisations so that they can take care of the issues for you in a very less span of time. Through this globally available app, people can report about their problem; they can also add a description. There is also a facility of adding the location via Google Maps. Once the report is submitted, it is then sent to the concerned authorities via the FIXIT team. They also notify whether or not your problem is resolved.

The start-up company is targeting the property management field, the founders of this company are Matthew Waugh and Sebastian Jacobs. They are taking points from small mistakes and short comings that were there in the real estate mistake and then took a decision to make this app.

This free application empowers the tenants to report issues to the property managers, they said. Waugh also followed through his personal experience where his family owned property in Coogee, and the property manager wasn’t even to solve basic stuff like getting the windows fixed.

This app will, in turn, will give both the property managers and tenants power to communicate their issues with each other seamlessly.



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Marie Bolton

I work in the real estate industry, invest in property's and have an interest in home renovation.

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